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Fermentation Chart

By: Kiran Krishnan

This Fermentation Chart is an overview of the two major forms of fermentation carried out by the gut microbiome. The fermentation of both carbohydrates and protein can produce gas and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), but carbohydrates fermentation is the predominant method of gut microbes, as protein fermentation requires more energy and can produce a variety of compounds that can be inflammatory in large amounts.

The Medical Fitness Impact Plan

By: Dr. Jerry Burgess

The Influential Doctor is the marketing and sales playbook for physicians and wellness professionals who want to make a greater impact and increase their income through cash-pay services and recurring income models.

3 Proven Steps to Be Successful as a Modern-Day Coach (And 7 Pitfalls to Avoid If You Want to Save Time & Money)

By: Cynthia Garcia

In this course where you will discover…
  • The #1 thing you must do to help your clients reach their goals (otherwise, they will most likely not succeed)
  • The ONE thing most coaches get wrong (which leads to burnout and frustration)
  • What all of the highest-paid coaches have in common (and nope, it’s not tons of IG followers)
  • and so much more!
Health Concerns & Fermentation Pairings Chart

By: Summer Bock

Are you recommending the right probiotics and the proper fermented foods to your patients based on their particular health concerns?
This Cutting-Edge Chart Shows Exactly Which Functional Ferments Your Patients Should Be Eating, & Which They Should Avoid Based on Their Specific Health Condition.
Bundle of CBDCookbooks + Bestselling eBook "The Grass is Greener"

By: Dr. Mary Clifton

Learn how to infuse your cooking with your favorite CBD product to make everyday living, healthier, happier and symptom free! PLUS … MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION ON CBD, THC AND CANNABIS WITH OUR BEST SELLING FREE E-BOOK: “THE GRASS IS GREENER Medical Marijuana, THC & CBD OIL: Reversing Chronic Pain, Inflammation and Disease” (by Mary Clifton, MD and Dr. Tom O’Bryan analyze all the research, to bring you what science has to say on CBD, THC and Cannabis). AND get our FREE PET RECIPE BOOK: “THE BOW WOW COOKBOOK” (Whether you’re considering CBD oil for your pet’s anxiety or pain relief, CBD can support and improve your pet’s quality of life.)

By: Jenn Malecha

Story and Purpose Secrets Worksheet

This Worksheet is going to cover…

  • Reflecting on your personal story and the secrets it holds about your ideal client
  • Getting clear on your passion and purpose to attract your ideal client
  • Creating 3 compelling statements that can be used to clearly share your message with others
Dr. Terry Wahls Research Papers and Gait Video

By: Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Wahls has conducted multiple clinical trials testing the effect of diet and lifestyle to treat multiple sclerosis related symptoms. She has published these findings in peer reviewed scientific journals. This is a collection of those articles. In addition, you will receive access to the public facing videos documenting improvements that were achieved using the study interventions.
Introductory Lecture on Happiness Studies

By: Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

An introductory lecture to Happiness Studies

Client Compliance: How to Break The Code on This Clinical Deal Breaker

By: Anne Fischer Silva

Client compliance can either make or break your ability to help those in your practice. You could have the best strategies, the best tools in the world, but if a client doesn’t stick with your program, you both lose. This powerful tool will help you break through to better communication and superior results with your clients. And better results lead to happier, healthier clients and more referrals!

Are Toxins the Root of your Symptoms

By: Diane Kazer


Get A Customized Report & Protocol to Cleanse your Body,

Heal your Hormones and Ignite your Life!

Did you know that every symptom is rooted in toxicity?

This FREE assessment is designed to reveal your body’s burden of cellular toxicity to discover if neurotoxins might be a root cause of symptoms, sickness and suffering. PLUS get your FREE Customized report to Eliminate Symptoms like Foggy Brain, Energy Drain, Body Pain and Weight Gain.

Pantry Clean Out for working with clients

By: Carmen Hunter

The outline on how to help clients clean out their pantry (online or in person). Includes the process, resources on the best method of easing people into change and a 52 page brandable and customizable whole food guide. All brandable.

Marketing Fitness to Women ebook

By: Debra Atkinson

Leverage your Marketing to Midlife Women 

Website & Social Media Audit 

Think of it as “How to Make Every Woman Over 40 Want YOU” for trainers. 

a 30-minute consult with 2x social media marketing author Debra Atkinson

Highspeed Healing Bundle

By: Debora Wayne

*  #1 BestSelling E-Book (Digital Download) –   “Why Do I Still Hurt?”  Rapid Release for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and More!

*  HighSpeed Healing™ Videos – (Experience for Yourself a HighSpeed Energy Healing™ demonstration session). Debora guides you through Three (3) Short, Powerful, Practical Videos teaching you proven techniques to Remove Physical, Mental, Emotional pain and dis-ease and get your ENERGY and life back on track.

Not just more “information” – Experience For Yourself why tens of thousands in 150 countries have reported the elimination of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, BurnOut, and other Chronic conditions….even when nothing else worked!

Clear Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs

By: Lion Goodman

What do you believe about success? In this beautiful ebook, discover advanced coaching methods for rapid transformation and profound healing. Learn to permanently delete limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs from the subconscious mind. Remove the barriers to healing and wholeness. Use the Belief Self-Diagnosis Exercise to begin exploring your own beliefs, and the Clear Beliefs Method to clear your clients’ beliefs.


Epigenetics: Access the Potential Within

By: Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen

Discover how to access the limitless potential within your clients through the science of epigenetics. Dr. Melissa Petersen, director of Apeiron.Academy shares in this masterclass the step by step process to align with your clients highest vision and the precise 5 step path to support them through precision performance coaching for enhanced outcomes in their health and life. See clinical case studies, learn how to create breakthroughs with confidence and certainty to uplevel your referrals, revenue and results with the clients you serve. 

Institute Of Nutritional Endocrinology Genetic Interpretation Charts

By: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

A 28 page collection of charts that can be used to understand your clients genetic SNPs and create comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plans.
Please let us know if you have any questions about the bonus.

How To Understand Lab Values A Guide to Optimal Health

By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

Lab tests play an important role in your health care. Though they do not provide a complete picture of your overall health, it is still essential to know what your results mean for you and your body. Dr. Keesha’s How to Understand Lab Values will guide you on how your data is an essential part of your journey back to wellness and helps you personalize your plan of care to YOU.

Precision Performance Health Practice Blue Print

By: Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen

Access this resource guide and masterclass that will reveal the exact steps you can take to stand out as a precision performance health coach to drive more leads, convert more prospects into clients while delivering enhanced life optimizing results.

Qigong Fundamentals online course

By: Lama Tantrapa

Whether you are an experienced practitioner of Qigong, Tai Chi, any other style of Martial Arts, or a beginning student of these arts looking for the real way to step up to the next level of self-mastery, you are welcome to join the course dedicated to exploring the fundamental principles of Energy Arts, knowing which can transform your practices Qigong, Tai Chi, or meditation.

If you are in any way similar to the thousands of Qigong practitioners who have already taken this course, you will find out for yourself why they unanimously agree that this course taught them the most essential aspects of energy awareness, which empowered them to fill numerous gaps in their Qigong studies. You, too, are about to learn how to transition your focus from doing forms to the inner essence of Qigong studies – feeling the flow of Qi and being in the flow.

The Wellness Code: A Framework for Empowered Healing

By: Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz

Are you ready to unleash your client’s true healing potential and take your practice to the next level? 

  • Discover a framework of empowered healing that integrates the best of functional, mind-body and energy medicine
  • Gain new perspectives on how people become chronically ill and why purely biochemical interventions often fall short in restoring health
  • Find out how cell danger response, a disrupted circadian rhythm, and limbic system impairment contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Understand the most powerful strategies to activate the body’s innate healing capacity
  • Learn why self-regulation and neural rewiring are essential to prime the body-mind for true healing and transformation
Clinician to Coach: Starting or Transforming Your Practice in "The New Normal" Workshop

By: Jessica Drummond

In this workshop, you will learn the step-by-step strategies for utilizing health coaching communication skills to start, market, and expand your practice. Telehealth and digital health services are growing exponentially, and you’ll learn how to include these opportunities as a part of your practice. Don’t be left behind! This transformation in healthcare from clinical to coaching is as significant and rapid as the transformation from using film in cameras to take pictures to nearly all photographs being digital!

1st Module of HTMA Expert

By: Kendra Perry

This is the first module of the HTMA Expert certification course.